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What to Expect At Your First Massage

At your first visit, please be seated in the waiting room to the right of the front door. I will have some paperwork on a clipboard for you to fill out. For subsequent visits, come directly down the stairs. My office is at the bottom landing.

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork, including a Health History form and Client's Bill of Rights. It is important to fill out the Health History form as accurately and completely as you can. Some conditions and medications affect the type of massage you can receive. After you finish the paperwork we will review it together. I will explain about "draping" and discuss any concerns you may have.

Getting on the table

You have the option of having a heating pad on the table during the massage. It is a personal choice and you can change your mind anytime during your session. We will decide beforehand if you will start by lying face up or face down. I tell my clients to undress to their comfort level. While it is best to totally undress for a full-body massage, many clients choose to leave their underwear on. I will step out of the room to wash my hands and leave you alone in the room to undress. I will knock on the door before reentering to make sure you are on the table, covered with a clean sheet and blanket. I will adjust a pillow, or bolster, under your legs and adjust the face cradle for your head to allow your body to be supported and maximize relaxation. If you are uncomfortable, please let me know! We can add bolsters or change your position.


Draping is the term we use for positioning the sheets and blankets while you are on the table. I will only undrape (uncover) the area I am working on at the time. Private areas remain covered at all times.


Talking is also a personal preference. Typically, clients relax with their eyes closed, some fall asleep, and others unwind by talking. I will follow your lead. I will check in from time-to-time to make sure the pressure is comfortable or tolerable. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you need more or less pressure or to ask questions. There is often more talking during a Therapeutic Massage so I can get feedback on any tender areas or pain referrals you might experience during the session.

After the Session

When your session is finished I will leave the room to allow you to get dressed. Take a couple minutes to relax and regroup before getting up off the table. Please open the door when you are ready. I will offer you water and get feedback on how you feel after your massage. The therapeutic effects of massage are cumulative, so I may suggest a treatment plan for your specific concerns. Your muscles may feel sore or achy for up to 48 hours after therapeutic massage. I will offer suggestions on self-care before you leave.